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706 SW 6th Ave, Cape Coral, FL 33991


© 2021 Trinity Lutheran Church


706 SW 6th Ave, Cape Coral, FL 33991

Trinity COVID-19 Worship Reopening Plan – June 10, 2020

REOPENING DATE: Sunday, June 14, 2020 – 10:45 AM

(Note: To avoid confusion and allow for the special accommodations we must undertake at this time, we have determined that it would be best to continue worshipping at 10:45 throughout the summer as opposed to our normal schedule of 9:30 AM)

Guiding Principles

We realize that there is an array of feelings concerning the COVID-19 virus and related safety measures that have been prescribed. As God’s people and Jesus’ Church, it is especially incumbent upon us to “love our neighbors as ourselves” and advocate for the most vulnerable in our church and community. And so we will commit ourselves at this time to serving each other with humble and sacrificial hearts, in order to honor God and our brothers and sisters in Christ.

Concerning the COVID-19 Virus

There is still a lot we do not know about COVID-19. Information regarding it is at times is conflicting and/or confusing. First and foremost, we are concerned for the health and safety of all who worship here and so we must observe SAFETY FIRST. We must also be ready to adjust our plans and protocol based upon the most recent information, directives, and severity of local infections.

As always, we request that anyone who feels at all ill, has underlying / higher-risk health issues, or is just fearful of being in a room with others to PLEASE STAY AT HOME and watch our worship service via our streaming service. Anyone who begins to demonstrate any symptoms of illness during a worship service will be kindly asked to leave the room for the sake of others.

And please remember to WASH and SANITIZE YOUR HANDS frequently.

Before and After Worship

1. Please ARRIVE at the church between 10:20 and 10:40 AM (unless you have a servant role in the worship service such as Altar Guild or ushering) so that you are not sitting in church for an extended period of time, while allowing for some pre-service instructions. If you arrive earlier, please remain in your car until 10:20 AM.

2. Please strive to maintain 6 FEET of distance between you and other worshippers when you arrive and depart. Do not hold the door for others.

3. Please do not linger in the church lobby or parking lot before or after the worship service. We would like to keep our exposure to each other at a minimum.

4. We will not be utilizing name tags or Friendship Registers.

5. There will be no coffee or treats served.

6. The conference / “Wiggle Room” will be off limits to keep it sanitary.

Worship Logistics

1. We will be practicing SOCIAL DISTANCING (worshippers remaining 6 feet apart, except from your own family members) in all areas of the church building and property.

2. In order to accommodate this, we will be limiting our worship attendance to a MAXIMUM of 50 PEOPLE. This number is close to the average attendance last summer, and so at the moment we don’t foresee the need for any sort of reservation system. We would, however, appreciate your letting the church office know (either by email or phone) if you plan on attending our church service on any given Sunday in June by the Friday preceding the service (if you don’t get around to it, please come to worship anyway, but it would be helpful if you can do this).

3. FACE MASKS will be worn at all times except while receiving Holy Communion. Please bring your own masks from home as we have a limited supply at the church.

4. We will be singing less HYMNS than usual to reduce the amount of “breath exhaust” in the room. When you do sing, please keep your mask on and sing a bit softer than usual as this will result in less forceful “breath exhaust”.

5. When you enter the church, an usher or Elder will escort you into the church sanctuary and DESIGNATE SEATS for you and your family (beginning at the front of the church).

6. WORSHIP BULLETINS will not be supplied or utilized.

7. OFFERING PLATES will not be passed, however you may leave you gift in a plate on the stands near the door.

8. Please submit your PRAYER REQUESTS to the church office by the Friday preceding the worship service as Pastor will not be coming around for prayer requests. However, any urgent prayer requests may be shared with him or an Elder prior to the beginning of the worship service.


a. Instead of lining up in groups we will utilize a “continual flow” pattern (this will be explained in more detail during the worship service)

b. There will be no use of the Common Cup

c. The Pastor and Elders will be wearing gloves and face masks while serving.

10. The ushers/Elders will DISMISS the worshippers one row at a time beginning in the rear to avoid people bunching up. Please be patient while awaiting your turn to leave.

Other Issues

1. We will need a few volunteers to help sanitize various surfaces after the worship service. Please speak with an Elder if you would like to assist.

2. If you wash your hands in the restroom, please consider utilizing your paper towel to grab the door handle as you exit the restroom.