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Many Christians feel that their relationship with God isn’t quite where it should be.  And quite often they assume that the reason they are feeling that way is that they are not doing all that they should or could to allow for their personal spiritual growth.  “I just need to do more and try harder… right?”  But what if that isn’t the real issue at all?  Maybe instead of focusing on our efforts to do more, we should first focus on eliminating the ROADBLOCKS we’ve placed in our own spiritual lives that prevent us from coming closer to Jesus.  Our Wednesdays in Lent gatherings this year will take on some of these roadblocks from isolation and unresolved conflict to our own fear of suffering.  

Please join us at 7 PM each Wednesday from February 21st through March 21st to learn more about the actions, attitudes and mindsets that are ROADBLOCKS to finding true happiness in your life with God.  FREE CHILDCARE will be provided for young children.  And be sure to join us for DINNER each Wednesday at 5:45 PM.