Video Courses

These courses and lectures are available on our YouTube channel as well as many other great resources.  Study guides are available for a few of these courses that you may feel free to download.  

Back to Basics

Most of us are familiar with some of the most basic stories in the Bible like Noah and the Great Flood, but are these stories reliable and relevant to our lives today? We examine the Creation account in the book of Genesis as well as the stories of Adam & Eve, Noah, the Exodus from Egypt, Jonah, and the three men in a furnace in this 6 part series.

Path to Peace

Forgiveness and reconciliation are central to who we are as followers of Jesus. This course - based on "Blessed Are the Peacemakers" from Ambassadors of Reconciliation - walks us through the steps of Biblical conflict resolution, demonstrates how to reduce conflict in your life, and helps to restore broken relationships.

Dying to Live

Death affects everyone at some point but it’s not a topic that we tend to discuss often enough, and as a result we often feel poorly prepared when someone we love does die. This series examines not only the Biblical and spiritual issues related to dying, but practical and legal issues as well.