Worship with Us...

Sunday Mornings at 10 AM

The worship experience at Trinity is a blend of the old and the new, traditional and modern. Our goal is to reach across all generations, integrating worship practices from the early Church with Bible lessons and teachings that are geared towards today's family.  Traditional hymns are mixed with praise songs led by our praise band.  Live teaching is mixed with video and other media to help you to fully understand God's message.  On certain holidays we even follow traditional liturgies that have been handed down to us from the early church to keep our Christian heritage alive.

Trinity has installed a Hearing Loop system in our worship sanctuary to assist those with hearing impairments.  The system transmits audio from our sound system (microphones, etc.) directly to hearing aids and cochlear implants that are equipped with T-Coils.  You must first have the T-Coil function activated in order to pick up the signal from our Hearing Loop.  If you have never used your T‐Coil, it is recommended that you consult your audiologist to confirm it has been activated and to learn how to access it.  Feel free to ask anyone in our media booth for help if you have trouble receiving a signal.  For additional information visit https://hearingloop.org/

Our worship is not intended as a show for you to sit back and enjoy - it's also an opportunity for you to get involved!  Do you like to sing, play an instrument, or act?  Then you'll have plenty of opportunities to praise God!  Just ask one of our worship leaders - we'd love for you to join us!

But most importantly, our worship is not about what we do for God, it's about what God does for us.  He hears our prayers, speaks to us through His Word, and offers us forgiveness and new life through His Holy Supper.

So please come join us for any one of our regular Sunday or special worship services!  We have plenty of room for wheelchairs and other aids, special worship folders for those with sight impairments, and a "Wiggle Room" for young tots who need to take a break from our worship service.